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Kawaei Rina’s cast is finally off (≧ ▽ ≦)

and she fixed her tooth yaay ^_^



Shimazaki Haruka + Kawaei Rina + Takahashi Juri - Pajama Drive (SSA 2012) [FHD] from VOZ48+ on Vimeo.

Shimazaki Haruka + Kawaei Rina + Takahashi Juri - Pajama Drive (SSA 2012) [FHD]


Kawaei Rina.

After a lot of thought, I choose to change my ultimate in AKB48 to Rina.

I was Nana (Owada Nana) oshi long time, it was after Maeda Atsuko graduation.  I was Atsuko oshi before, however I saw AKB48 at the first time after her graduation.  And I said to myself “Stop crying about Atsuko! You didn’t know about AKB48 when she was in the group! Find new ultimate oshi, let’s go.”

so I tried to find new oshi..and after a long search, I found.

Owada Nana, the ace of the 15rd generation, one of the “future center” and little perfect girl. I saw “party is over” and “Kinou Yori Motto Suki” and I loved her more. I..I don’t know how to write it, but I like the centers. I like the one that you can’t to not noticed to him\her. I have a lot of centers or something like that in my oshi (Maeda Atsuko, Shimazaki Haruka, Kashiwagi Yuki,  Yabushita Shu, Kimoto Kanon, Matsui Rena, Sashihara Rino, Jo Eriko, Yamamoto Sayaka..and of course, Miyawaki Sakura. And more) and one of my reasons to love Naanya it because she is center. I know, very stupid reason. But I have more reasons why I love Owada Nana. But! I am her to write why I change my ultimate oshi (in AKB48) to Rina, not to write why Nana was my oshi. (and I can write about her a lot of things. She is really different girl)

Kawaei Rina from team A. former member of team 4 (my favorite team in AKB48 ever. My favorite team was A, but then team 4 is officially formed and I fell in love…and in AKB48 shuffle in 2012 they disbanded -.- and then the team is back. My sad life -.- but I love new team 4 so much and I think that Karen, Yuuk and Juri need to back to team 4 like Rena. But again, I am here to talk about Rina)

So!! Kawaei Rina.

Well, I didn’t noticed to her so much until..I don’t know when it was, but suddenly, I can’t to not noticed her. I began to see her all the time- in clips, in picture, in stages.. I see her all the time. In the beginning, I just chooce her to be one of my oshi in team A (with Paruru, Maki-chan, Manami and Chiyori that just transferred from team H and was one of my oshi in team H) and..befure I noticed to it, she became my first oshi in team A. (the former was Paruru) I love her so much! She is so cute and has a very special voice and dance.. and her act. I think the best thing in her it’s her act. She play so good!! I see her in “Majisuka Gakuen 3” and also in “Sailor Zombie”(it is really funny because Juri and Naanya in here, and all of them in my oshi list) and she play her character so good! I also was in her tumblr tag (it was before I open my tumblr) all the time, it was very funny to understand it.

After Iwate Incident.. I was so worry to Anna and Rina (and also to Ryoka), I was all the time in her tumblr tag (Well, I was in her tumblr tag also before the incident) and I tried to know all I can know about the incident..I was so happy when I heared she is OK and also Anna.. and I began to hope that this incident would not make them want to graduation. I was really worry and sad to think that maybe they will graduation from AKB48 because of Iwate Inidend. 

And then, AKB48 37th Single Senbatsu Sousenkyo is come.

All the Senbatsu I hope that Sakura will be in top 16..but when I hear “Rank 16- AKB48 team a Kawaei Rina” is was so happy. I can’t explain how much I was happy. I didn’t think about Naanya (that not rank) or someone except Rina (and Sakura, but I always think about her XD)

And then I understand that Rina take Naanya place.

I said to myself all the time “No, you are Naanya ultimate oshi” and something like that. All the time. I watch AKBingo with Naanya and after it watch AKBingo with Rina..After all, I accepted the truth- I am Rina ultimate oshi in AKB48.

so, I have a new ultimate oshi! And I think that now nothing can chance it.

Kawaei Rina, I love you so much.

"弾ける笑顔でスマイルセンター,チーム A 川栄李奈です。"



- Sakura Sake ♥


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(GIF #4) Sae purposely holds up her line so she walks in time with Ricchan… (#^.^#)