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Baka unit!


Ricchan the hippie (by fujienyan)


Miichan got emotional by Miki-chan words, she was getting her nails done so Miki-chan had to dry her tears.


Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ( ´Д` )

fav team a members - kawaei rina

Could you do a Kawaei Rina's post? ^^ She's my kamioshi and I really love your appreciation posts!


This time it’s (a first write up) for me, Yuitsu, together with Mayuyu! We present you Bakaei, I mean—

Ricchan, Kawaei Rina!

My ni-oshi! Yay! Joined AKB48 in 2010 as the 11th generation and now even known as one of the next generation aces.

If we talk about Ricchan, then there’s almost nobody who can top her in one thing! Mechaike’s test lowest score, I don’t know for most of you but that moment was when she came on the radar for me. The days that lead to her becoming Baka Center~ And changed her nickname from Ricchan to Kawaei or even Bakaei!

Together with Hasute & Wasute, which also became the name of the single of the one-time BKA48, Ricchan sure as hell knows how to make people laugh with her idiocy!

But the girl that is known for her idiotness isn’t just an idiot, she is an athletic idiot! During school she was part of the tennis club. Even with that past she fell a little short compared to the likes of Yuko, but she still managed fourth rank!

That isn’t everything to her,

You have her everyday sillyness,

Her cute smiles,

And I don’t know if you have noticed but she is turning beautiful and maybe even sexy!

(Sorry I need to add this too! - Mayuyu)

Furthermore, as Mayuyu had posted before, when you go about Ricchan, you can’t ignore Yokoei! Together with Yokoyama Yui, the two are almost like a *couple.

Ricchan’s relationship isn’t only with Yuihan though. She is also very close with Takahashi Juri and has been with Annin, Iriyama Anna a lot!

Before this gets any longer, please turn her oshi and support her as she studies hard for the U-can challenge and pulls Team A along together with Yuihan!

And to you, for picking Ricchan, and all you other Ricchan oshis out there: